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Quality printing at the best price

Invitech3D is a small innovative business that offers digital solutions to promote training in new 3D printing technologies in the dental, jewelry, prototyping and hobby industries in general.

3D Printing Online

We print in high quality at the best price

3D Printing Online

Save time by ordering online.


We use the best materials to print projects in 3D


We have the best technicians specialized in 3D printing

Latest technology

We use the best printing machines to be able to offer the best quality.

Maximum quality

Highest quality 3D printing at an incredible price. 


We always have a commitment to the environment.

The invitech3D philosophy

We are founded on the belief that advances in technology should facilitate treatment and make it more affordable for the end user, and we work tirelessly to find high-quality products at an affordable price.

Resin designed to work with your 3D printer

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